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On December 6th exactly 5 minutes after my last post my 6 year old computer officially died. 

Hence the vacuum from this end.  Am presently using a teenage computer, snagged while he’s at soccer practice (otherwise there is no way to pry it away from him). And, if you’re reading this boyeee–I clicked out of all the weird stuff left open WITHOUT looking, I promise
Anyway, concluding book tour and resubmerging in to family/job life has been rather time consuming this week. I feel back in the groove though and just spent the morning getting a new computer which is always so much more complicated that it needs to be even at Apple. I thought I’d be unpacking the little beauty by now but–no, not that simple. Had to leave the old one with the new one at the store for the “data transfer” which apparently can take up to 78 hours uhggg!  But it’ll be a new improved technological me. No more back road, slow moving journeys on this super highway. Can’t wait. Stay tuned. 
For now for shopping and cooking per usual. 
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