Sun is Setting, The Weather is Sweet

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Change of plans. Brought home some fresh seafood from Lobster Place at Chelsea Market after the Save The Children event. I thought I’d grill everything but pooped out before the grill could get fired. Fish cook son wanted to cook everything anyway–his way. My contribution? The cocktails: Rum and Ginga. Ice, bitters, Appleton’s rum, Squeeze of lime, ginger beer.

Dinner was spiced red clam sauce over spaghettini (I wanted him to keep the shells on the littlenecks. He didn’t and it was great), simple baked wild striped bass drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice. (I wanted him to jshuzz it up more but he insisted that the fish was so fresh, it needed nothing and with the sauce from the pasta spilling over to it on the plate–it’d be enough flavor.) It was perfect. I’m happy he’s begun to show some restraint in his cooking (from the professor am def becoming the student).

Next followed a salad put together by hubs–lots of greens, carrots, scallion and crumbled goat cheese (I wasn’t down with the goat cheese) but everyone else dug it. And, in one of most mannish moves I’ve ever seen–he dressed the salad right inside the basket of the salad spinner, lol. I didn’t make it much past the setting sun before closing my own eyes to rest but not before a little Mast Brother dark chocolate with fleur de Sel melted away slowly and sweetly on my tongue.

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