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For those that have at least one able bodied moderately semi-adult human in their house, it is good to cultivate the tag teaming approach (as I’ve been saying in my cross country raps). Case in point here. I took some ribs out of the freezer and suggested (asked) first born son who was home to season them and get them into the oven well before I got home from work. Then I said–I’d wrap the whole dinner up with a few other quick dishes once I got home at 7. I wasn’t sure if he listened or heard me or was willing to comply therefore, I was really happy to come home with 30 minutes left on his clock. He made a rub, see MH p. 165 for guidelines: to his own specs (lots of fennel seed) AND when I got home, I added some water to the pan cause it was carmelizing and drying up BUT–it was smelling good and his other brother even said so too so I didn’t want to complain. I made a quick rice pilaf, p. 180 ( always a fav) and oven roasted some cauliflower (just cause we had it in stock) and put the whole deal on the table and 3 of us sat down to eat. Hubs is traveling, middle child is at work so there you have it. Nothing fancy but, so good and satisfying and at the table we chatted too about seemingly nothing but everything–eventually.

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