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Somehow–the last blog post was a strangely cut off review from Stephanie about Mad hungry which I attempted to post because I loved it. Here is the actual link Sorry for any frustrations.

Meanwhile–here at a Thursday, post-meal rest after a long work week are a couple of things.

First off–in one of the few lunch outings I permit my self to attend on a work day, the one today was for the release of The Frankies Spuntino cookbook, in Brooklyn. It was glorious: a delicious, Italian style garden lunch along with the artisan crew who also made Mad Hungry. And then afterwards, moving from Carrol Gardens to Bed Stuy -Brooklyn, our afternoon radio show, Eatdrink on Sirius 112 featured Craig Samuel’s from the awesome “new york style barbecue” joint, The Smoke Joint. But, our BBQ chit chat got quite sidetracked on The Pig bar, which is next door and boasts a rocking supply of Bourbon–so many varied differences that it’s worth investigating in a taste test. I liked talking bourbon and barbecue–two of my favorite digestibles.

But, at home tonight, it’s 6-ingredient spaghettini (garlic shaved Goodfella’s-style, olive oil, pepper flakes, tomato paste, parsley and chicken stock) AND a good Veneto born Soave white wine with two of the guys. Quiet, chill, winding down. It’s what’s really good.

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