Texas: Here I Come!

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To say I’m excited to return to Texas next week is an understatement (schedule deatils below). When I last visited in 2013, for the promotion of the Mad Hungry Cravings book, I had more fun than should be allowed on a working trip. Austin is always amazing, a favorite with which I feel a kindred spirit. Keep Austin Weird (their official tag line) is city up my alley. Yes, please keep being weird and wonderful. I’m quite sure the new cookbook, Mad Hungry Family, will find many friends in Texas!

And next to cooking, reading books is one of my personal favorite pastimes, so to be a part of the Texas Book festival is a dream come true, and while demo-ing a recipe using Poblano peppers, may seem, well, obvious to Texans, it’s a recipe in the new book that has multi-uses (which is what many of my ideas are all about!). To make a great weekend even better, I’ll be cooking at one of my favorite markets in the USA, Central Market. And of course, I’ll visit the gals (pictured above) at Royers, for some Texas Trash Pie!

Then I’ll be heading to Dallas for another Central Market event. My last trip to Dallas was eye-opening and the first time I really fell hard for Dallas AND discovered on of my favorite shoe makers in the process (ok, cooking, books and shoes), designer Office of Angela Scott which has since moved to Los Angeles.

Last, but definitely not least, I get to return to San Antonio for another Central Market event AND the San Antonio-Express Book & Author Luncheon. Last time I was in San Antonio it was a quick in and out, so I am super psyched to explore the exploding local dining scene by visiting some old school favorites, as well as a few new ones. Anyone want to make any recommendation?

One thing is for sure, there will be plenty of meals to inspire more future home-cooking recipes, and as always in Texas, many old friends and new ones to connect with!

And don’t worry, I voted today by absentee ballot. Civic duty and privilege complete. Don’t forget to do yours too 11/8!



Texas schedule details: 

-11/5, Austin, Texas Book Festival. Time: 1:00-1:45. Address: 816 Congress Avenue, 15th Floor. I will be appearing on a panel. Link: https://www.texasbookfestival.org/festival-schedule/?selected_day=2&eid=2048#e2048

-11/7, Austin Central Market. 4001 North Lamar Blvd. (@ 40th St.). I’ll be giving an evening cooking class. Link: https://centralmarket.turnstilesystems.com/ProgramDetail.aspx/MADHUNGRYFAMILYEssentialRecipesToFeedTheWholeCrewANL1172016

-11/9, Dallas Central Market, 5750 E. Lovers Lane (@ Greenville Ave.). I’ll be giving an evening cooking class. Link: https://centralmarket.turnstilesystems.com/ProgramDetail.aspx/MADHUNGRYFAMILYEssentialRecipesToFeedTheWholeCrewDL1192016

-11/10, San Antonio Central Market, 4821 Broadway (@ Hildebrand). I’ll be giving an evening cooking class. Link: https://centralmarket.turnstilesystems.com/ProgramDetail.aspx/MADHUNGRYFAMILYEssentialRecipesToFeedTheWholeCrewSA11102016

-11/11, San Antonio Express-News Book & Author Luncheon. Link: https://makelivesbetter.uthscsa.edu/bookauthor

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