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If you’ve read the last few MH blog/FB posts you might regard me as a New York Times recipe beeatch but, it’s not true. Maybe we’ve tried 6-7 recipes over the last couple years and many have fallen short for different reasons. But, there have been a few stand-outs like this Hainanese Chicken with Rice first published by Mark Bittman a couple of years ago which we’ve (Richie) made and loved several times, like last night. The chicken boils several minutes before sitting in the developing broth. Rice cooks in that broth and its then topped w/cucs, tomatoes, cilantro and served with a fantastic sesame oil, scallion (and added minced green chili) sauce. It makes plenty to serve 5 hungry folks, is great eaten at room temp and is so satisfying! Today—

baby backs (see below photo) will be cued in the rain.
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  • Polly Welch January 17, 2011 at 4:35 am

    Hi Lucida,

    Love, love, love your show! Growing up with Hainanese relatives from my mother’s family back in Malaysia, we eat this A LOT! Thank you for introducing this dish to America. So simple yet so great. I made my sauce slightly differently: sautee garlic and shallots, then add broth, oyster sauce, light and dark soy sauces, sugar, white pepper, and cornstarch with water to slightly thicken it. Traditionally it is served with cucumber slices, grated ginger and lime, and garlic chili sauce for dipping.

    Here is a picture that shows what mine looks like:

    Making happy food,

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