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Being that the grape jelly was foremost on my mind as I wondered through the local farmers market up at Columbia University on Sunday, I was drawn in the by the duck salesman selling all manner of duck parts from naturally raised and handled ducks including the gorgeous breast which also happened to be very affordable. The rest followed: acorn squash, roasted w/sage, olive oil, S&P;, slow braised sting beans w/basil, oven-roasted shitake mushrooms and shallots.

For the duck: score and season the skin. Place in blazing hot cast iron (skin side down) sear 6 minutes (pour off some fat& keep for french fries), turn and cook another 10 minutes for med rare. While the meat rests, pour off most fat, saute shallots, deglaze with Zinfandel, whisk in jelly and mustard. Pour sauce over sliced duck breast and serve. Thank-you grape jelly and duck, I’ve finally embraced fall.

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