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I had one simple rule: no tatts or piercings until you’re 18. Yet this boy barely made it to the finish line–I did my best. But along the way he also learned to cook–really well. Here, skirt steak is seared and sliced, served in a rich and spicy yet light sauce (ginger, star anise flavored etc). You mash those luscious soft potatoes as you like for a very refined, “meat and potatoes” dish.

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  • Jeanne Murphy October 6, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    Hi Lucinda,I also have a teen who cooks (but no tats til 21)….I am organizing and promoting your event at the Harbor Club in Huntington on November 14 and really looking forward to meeting you….(please add it to your calendar).If you e-mail I will send you a copy of the promo ad that will be running in the local mag. (of course if anyone else is reading this and wants to purchase tickets, you can e-mail too)Best,Jeanne MurphyHCtickets@live.com

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