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My new book Mad Hungry Family: 120 Essential Recipes to Feed the Whole Crew, is so much more than recipes. It’s all about the why—Why cook meals for your loved ones in this get-it-quick and premade era?

Alongside the recipes are the stories—the proof-of-concept “how-to.” From the outset of committing to cook for my family, and teaching them to embrace a love of cooking themselves, I chronicled the journey. This new book, the third in a series, is the culmination of a mom-cook’s path, and it includes the cracked pavement and fallen branches, as well as the smooth open road that adds up to a whole multi-faceted home life.

Aside from my go-to guaranteed-to-please recipes, my boys have shared their recipes too; ones they loved, and created, on their own. They also tell what it felt like to grow up at the hands of a dogged home cook. But back to proof-of-concept. All three boys can now cook and feed themselves, as well as their friends, both for necessity and fun. They learned that food is the connective tissue that binds us, and a good meal is something you come home for. That a bowl of pasta, or a good burger cooked and eaten together tastes and feels good. In good times, and in bad, if you step into the kitchen and chop that onion to get dinner going, the rewards will come back in full.

Available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, IndieBound, Kitchen Arts & Letters, and Powell’s City of Books, as well as your favorite local book store!

Mad Hungry Family Bound Galley Back copy

The first bound copy just arrived!

Mad Hungry Family Bound Galley Close Up 2

Up close you can see the material (I’m super excited about this), it’s linen over board!

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