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This one comes all the way from Damon C. in Bartlesville, OK. Looks delish!


I just made your scone recipe out of the book but took my own take. I substituted brown sugar for the white sugar. used 1/2 whole wheat four and 1/2 white four, ¬†and mixed in cinnamon chips instead of currents and made them a little smaller. We’ll never buy scones again! We love the show and cannot wait for the new episodes to come out.


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  • betty January 11, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    I made your scones but used half 7-grain flour and our homemade buttermilk. My husband makes our butter so we always have buttermilk around. I added pecans and craisins – they were fantastic. My sister said she will never make her recipe again.

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