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Thanks to another awesome indie book store, Davis Kidd for hospitality and good folks.

Am psyched that Catherine, from the staff bought Mad Hungry and actually stocked her pantry from the books Guy Pantry suggestions: ready to cook any time. Had a mirror image fam in the audience: tall dad and 3 young boys too. Alas, didn’t get to music but did the next best thing last night with a few hours to spare: watched the boy flick Hangover: too funny. That what happens if you live with so many boys: you think movies like Dumb and Dumber are the funniest things ever.
Meanwhile excersized and cruised through Vanderbuilt U–for another college heart ache-wish I could teach or go to one-seriously. And then, as if a mirage, came across a full scale repro of the Parthenon: IN NASHVILLE–are you kidding me???? of well if not Greece, why not Nashville? Departed from my healthy breakfast routine for a “Southerner”–eggs, grits, country ham, tomatoes and biscuits. That was fun—for a minute. The smoothie looks real good in retrospect. And, yes–had professional hair done this morning ’cause I couldn’t stand the puffy “Nashville hair” (the hairdressers words, not mine). And–just because food brings out the best in folks, Amy with the blow dryer was also preparing for a coworkers party by making walkin tacos: hello–why haven’t I heard of this before? You rip open a frito pack lengthwise and top with seasoned hamburger meat, nacho liquid cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and MORE shredded cheese. This is one of those down low snacks that you could drive a man wild with!.
Ok off to Minneapolis: book signing tonight (see listings) and hopefully a dinner of Lake Superior White fish!!!!! Am keepin keepin on–so far so good. One love

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  • Click Here July 31, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    Amazing stuff. Thanks for posting this. I will check again to read more and tell my neighbors about your site.

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