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I received the most sensible note from reader Greg where he attempts to sift through info overload for health.

“Do you have any thoughts on eating healthy – losing weight, etc. What is your philosophy?
I am a guy, love to cook but confused by all the nutrition info slammed into my mind by books, media, diet “experts” and physicians.”


Dear Greg,
I truly believe that if you eat moderate portions of fresh cooked food during meals which include vegetables then it is as healthy a diet as you can have, Some butter and cheese is infinitely more healthy than packages labeled low-fat which are high in salt and sugar. Make sure you vary your meals with different meats, chicken and fish and also get in the habit of eating beans and legumes as the star of a meal now and then. THere are recipes for all these foods in MH and also an essay called Food As Medicine which explains my philosophy in more detail.But, this is how I feed my very healthy family, how my mom fed us–including my brothers who are all very healthy adults.
Regarding weight loss, I’d just give myself a kick start with a regime for a couple weeks which is a little more focused, then continue on the aforementioned lifestyle. For example
Breakfast: half a grapefruit and oatmeal. Or, sliced turkey/whole wheat toast
Lunch: soup or salad with protein and vegetables
Dinner: Chicken, Fish plus whole grain, 2 vegetables and
Eat fruit, nuts and raw veg in between. Make a batch of the
CHicken Broth Elixer in MH and sip that in between meals for health and satisfaction too. Cut out most booze (vodka is best with a citrus zest). And, give yourself 30 minutes of exercise a day–even if it is just a brisk walk. And, drink plenty of water. After a couple weeks–just eat normally keep the portions moderate, continue exercise and you will notice an improvement. But, tune out the noise, keep it simple and trust your instinct–that is the best nutrition info I can give you. Keep me posted.
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  • Anonymous January 9, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    Thanks for mentioning me in your bog!I am having fun cooking out of your book – relaxing with food, remembering pleasure, company and intuition. Paying attention to the quality of the food – your recipes make me enjoy the food more, the smell, textures and they actually turn out! I love the way your book is written – like cooking with a wise and kind friend. And very cool layout.Looking forward to more posts!Greg

  • LUCINDA SCALA QUINN January 16, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    Thanks Greg-LSQ

  • Dolly January 27, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    The beautiful picture of citris us puzzleing. Can you tell us what they are. Thank you.

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