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On Portland, a few more details must be told. First, back to Rabelais, Fine Books on Food & Drink. this is a MUST for anyone interested in food books: new, used, rare etc. Don and Sam are so on point, filled with knowledge about the books, cooking and food. Was only bummed I couldn’t stay there longer. Re the above apple pics: apparently there is an heirloom apple CSA run by John Bunker, collector and expert of rare fruit trees. There are 50 shares and if you’re one of the lucky participants, there is a weekly drop-off at Rabelais of these apples NONE of which us normal mortals have even heard of. Can you imaging making weekly pies from these apples? Insane. Buy books here, visit, go on-line–anything but folks like this must stay in business and thrive!

We went next door for dinner to Hugo’s. A few highlights: the BUTTER–omg. From Rosebeck Farm in Norway, Maine where they only sell to the corner store, neighbors and Hugo’s. But, it just means, find the best stuff near you and use it!!–This butter seems like cheese, so much so that Hugo’s whips it in house to lighten the load a bit. Served with crazy little biscuits, it is addictive. When asked if we wanted more, my son uttered, “we shouldn’t. We won’t” (but did).
A few more things–Steamed New England clams were serve with potato gnocchi, bacon, fresh thyme and chowdah broth: an insanely desconstructed chowda. Also, these puffed lobster crackers were served with a crispy lobster cake, matsutake mushrooms (shaved like parppardelle) and bok choy.
Before heading to Detroit grabbed some fries from Duck Fat, another of Rob & Nancy Evans masterpieces. Ok–enough Portland. Am presently in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a book signing at the library tomorrow. COme say hi if you’re in the neighb. Tonights dinner will be had at Zingerman’s Deli. More tomorrow.
  • GardenGuyKenn October 25, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    Glad you arrived safely! Welcome back to Michigan. Zingerman's was enjoyable, I'm sure!

  • AB October 26, 2009 at 11:03 am

    It's been 11 days!! What a trooper. Your book publisher must be over the moon.

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