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Harvest on the Harbor, Portland Maine: a food fest where I’m at. Last night, after a couple local TV gigs (here with kathleen/207 from WCSH and John from WPXT ) we had a great demo/signing where we made, Shrimp Scampi, Carmelized Cauliflower(from MH), Gnocchi with Pesto and Beef Braciole (the last 2 from Lucinda’s Authentic Italian Cookbook). The turnout/questions/kindness all good. My mom Rose, brother Pete, sister-in-law Jen and nieces Callie, Bella and nephew Pierson (pictured above) drove up for the night which me me so happy. A nutty late night dinner at American Flatbread followed (a certain someone melted down after 8:30, wouldn’t you too???). Meanwhile, our friends from Cranberry Island Kitchen brought us the BEST Whoopie Pies, www.cranberrykitchen.com and we also tasted some killer gelato brought in by Gelato Fiasco out of Brunswick, MN: www.gelatofiasco.com. My favorite flavor is the Chocolate Noir Sorbetto (eating it right now) for hard core chocoholics, all milk used is from Maine farms rocking the local movement hard! Grabbed some oysters too from J’s Oysters (need more later though). Heading back to the fest to make some Chicken Pocket Pies and Crunchy Sesame Chicken Wings from MH. Then (and this makes me VERY glad)–to a truly awesome bookstore www.rebelais.com for a signing where Samantha and Don sell only books etc which are food related. It’s kind of like Kitchen Arts & Letters in NYC so, if anyone is looking for rare or vintage titles–check them out!. Off to Detroit tomorrow (my old home stomping ground)–psyched to be headed to Ann Arbor Public Library: you know I love those libraries. Thanks to everyone for support.

On the T-shirt contest, of course the answer is hot sauce (the true mother condiment for males). So, first person wins: Bonnie, pls send address and size requirements. Next up a book contest: still thinking up the question so stay tuned!
P.S. Doesn’t Lianon Close look so hot in this t-shirt!!!!
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  • Liz October 24, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    You're in MY stomping grounds! I just saw you on Martha (it was DVR'd) and had to go get your book. I went right out to Borders in SoPo (South Portland) and bought your book. I love it! I've always loved your segments on Everyday Food… I used to watch it on PBS when we lived in Des Moines, IA…. too bad Maine PBS doesn't pick it up! Wish I would have known about your book signing ahead of time … I totally would have come out for it. I'm a mom with two hungry young boys…. My favorite part about your book is teaching our men how to cook for themselves. I have been Chief Cook (aka Queen of Everything) in this household for 10 years… I've spoiled my husband rotten by cooking just about every bite he puts in his mouth. I think I should start with HIM and get him back in the kitchen, don't you think? Safe Travels!

  • bonnie October 25, 2009 at 6:03 am

    Great I won, Awesome… not sure how to get hold of you, where can I send info, could not find link on you blog. Thanksbonnieroylovesvna@yahoo.com

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