Potato Salad for Easter

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potato salad

When I arrived at my mom’s for Easter, she’d been combing through all my books to find her potato salad recipe, but with no luck. It was a bit of a surprise, as there are very few of her gems that haven’t been published. After a little digging we realized that it wasn’t in one of the books, but rather in an issue of Martha Stewart Living, released when I was a food editor there.

Funny that Rose uses her special-weapon Miracle Whip salad dressing in this recipe too; which, she was quick to point out, makes it a vegan choice as well—Rose is always up on all the current fads and fancies (not bad for an octogenarian!). So check it out if you’re looking for a last minute side dish idea, or just want a trusty recipe for this classic dish in your repertoire. Rose wishes everyone a Happy Easter!

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