Recipes from Today’s Show: Shepherd’s Pie

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In the winter months, I can’t think of anything more satisfying than a big helping of Shepherd’s Pie.  Recently, after reading it’s the favorite of a famous rock n’ roller, I got inspired to amp up this dish.  So, in my new version, I’m layering ground lamb with onions, peas and some decadent mashed potatoes. For some color and crunch,  I’m making an Endive Salad and for something sweet, my Cup Custards are smooth, creamy and can be made in advance.

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Shepherd’s Pie

Endive Salad

Cup Custards

  • hobbit December 27, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    Just the reassurance I needed. I do a little cooking for some of my people,I call them my “soup people” just once a week. This year I offered them small casseroles and Shepherds Pie was on the list. I worried that it might be too down-home.They loved it!! They recipe was quite similar to yours. Did it with ground beef and cheddar in the mash potatoes.Felt the beef would be more acceptable to a large # of people.I’ll have to tell them they’re in the company of a famous rock n’ roller.

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