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We are definitely packing in as much culture and wondering as possible as we wind our way through the cities of the MH book tour. So, here’s one cool thing I learned. Everyone always assumes we named our first born son after the artist, Alexander Calder, best known for inventing the modern art mobile but, we didn’t. Meanwhile, out cruising Philly, around the city hall where there is so much wonderful outdoor art, we came across this plaque, in memory of Alexander Milne Calder, grandfather of the aforementioned Calder and father of Alexander Sterling Calder–all three generations well known sculptures originally hailing from Scotland. From the central building 3 sculptures can be viewed straight to the museum of art, known as the father (Calder 1), son (Calder 2) and holy ghost (Calder 3), created in 3 different eras by these 3 generations of Calder artists. I love the legacy’s of these 3 men and perhaps will now claim to have named our boy after these accomplished Scots/Philly men.

I also loved the Reading Terminal Market, one of the oldest continually operated food markets in the country. I just happened upon the Cookbook Stall, a colorful little nook in the market with a fantastic collection of cookbooks, both international and local. And, I was happy to learn that MH is in stock and selling well. Please visit and patronize these little jewels around our country. It’s not an easy business in todays world but one we must keep alive! To Ann Deeley-Mattes, our Philly escort–thanks for your help and comprehensive tour guide info too.
On to Virginia and my favorite new grocery store Wegman’s, where we had a second location signing. This is one awesome store, filled with goods for all needs, so well laid out and with the happiest and most helpful staff I’ve ever encountered at a large market. It was funny that they were running a chuck steak special right behind our signing which Calder promptly noticed and suggested to all our book buyers who wanted to know which recipe to cook from the book. The Steak Pizzaola, p. 147 is one of our families all time favorite dinners so, it was an easy recommendation for him to make, as you see him here pushing the chuck steak out the door.
Thanks to Tanya from the ION network for her great interview and who also, took the ingredients for the Pizzaola. Hopefully she’ll let us know how it went.
Next on to D.C. where we will also cram in as much capitol visitation as is physically possible.
Check what we accomplished tomorrow and much appreciation to all who come out in support of the book.
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  • Joyce Baker February 17, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    I have really enjoyed reading about your book tour. I watch you as often as I can and I watched the show when you made Philly steak and onion rings and I would love to try the recipes but cannot find them. Help. Love Love your show. JSB

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