What’s Good Wednesday: “A Decade Ago”

*Note: We’re introducing a new weekly newsletter / article: whatever strikes our fancy every Wednesday. Hope you guys enjoy! A Decade Ago…. The cookbook Mad Hungry: Feeding Men & Boys was published. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined it would start a business—a family business—with one of the boys referred to in the title as… View Article
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Mexican Food

It’s called Budin Azteca. My husband requests it for his birthday dinner every year. Since posting a few Instagram photos, I’ve had many queries about this dish. It’s no wonder so many folks LOVE Mexican food. Our household is no exception. The ingredients, flavors and techniques make for a very sophisticated and deeply nuanced cuisine. Even to say Mexican food is… View Article

Eat Out To Eat In

Cooking at home and eating in is what I happily do most days. Eating out is usually an adventure, rarely my first choice, and always for just a few different reasons–either inspiration or celebration–rarely in between. That means the options are either little known and affordable ethnic spots or special primo product ones. Over all… View Article
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Get on the Granola

This happens every Sunday that I am home. A big batch of granola is made to stock up for the week. First off, even at the most affordable markets, the price verses quality of packaged granola drives me completely nuts! The worse brands are too much money. And half the time it’s rancid, which is what happens… View Article

Inside out linguini with clams

Now and then a new idea hits me–and by new I mean a new way to do a favorite thing. I had a couple dozen clams, and some leftover pasta . While I was headed for Clams Casino, instead here’s what happened: roughly chop some leftover pasta (mine was already tossed in butter, lemon and parsley)…. View Article
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site under renovation but FIRST this news:

September 14, 2015 After 15 years of leading the food department for Martha Stewart, one of the most evolutionary thinkers of our time, I’ve resigned my position as SVP, Executive Editorial Director, Food and Entertaining, to build a family business of my own. My mission, which started with Mad Hungry, is to show the next generation how to… View Article
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brick cold

Our apartment is on the top of an old building–a former storage area and a layer that I’m sure wasn’t meant for human habitation. Sure, it has skylights and south, west and east views, but it’s brick cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. When its really windy outside, I’m quaking in… View Article

Valentine Eats

Yesterday at work we planned a shower for our longtime food colleague, probably the cutest pregnant woman I’ve ever seen. Sweet lover that she is, we planned cakes, brownies, etc. Then it hit me, she’s a proud Oklahoma-born eater too. We changed our plans, and what a good move. The individual frito pies, used the… View Article
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Another 2014 favorite Food

Bagels I was fortunate to visit my former home city Detroit twice this year. The city is reemerging after years of hard luck. Like so many places, a food revolution is taking hold. It’s not only galvanizing folks to do interesting things everything I have tasted is also first rate delicious. The bagel pictured here… View Article
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Quinoa, what?

I just keep trying to love quinoa. I know it sounds crazy that I can not figure out how to upload an image. I keep getting all sorts of warning messages about permission etc. It doesn’t really matter, the image wasn’t that great anyway. All I mean to say is that I know I should love it–quinoa… View Article
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Cookbook Gifts

Looking for gifts? Baking Here’s a light topic to consider for my first post in over a year. If you have a friend who is either a baker or preserver, then here’s a few recommendations for you: The Baking Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum is a classic that will outlive us all. Rose is a… View Article
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Superbowl: an unavoidable food opp

This year I’ve been acting sort of casual about the Superbowl menu situation. Living in NYC, where the game will be played tomorrow (well sort of NYC), should be getting me extra excited, but just like when the president’s in town, it really just boils down to a traffic nightmare for those of us coming… View Article
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Beer, Bourbon & BBQ

Yup, that’s the name of the this traveling eatdrink circus.  Today was the first 2014 tour stop in NYC at the Tunnel on 11th Ave and 28th.  It’s really a great, well-curated round up of bourbons & ryes & beers & hot sauce & cravaeable eats. Festival founder Greg and the awesome food/drinks curator Monica… View Article
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Pocket Pies

For years I’ve made pocket pies as a strike against those nasty, expensive hot pockets sold in the grocery store. Even with all the food fresh food cooked at home, my boys discovered those convenient little suckers at their friends house. So I started making them at home –mostly chicken pocket pies–a hand held pot… View Article
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Potato Salad: Send Us Your Technique!

  When the topic of potato salad came up today on MH Radio, we were blown away by the enthusiastic response. At the first mention of this dish, phone calls, emails, and comments about favorite recipes started pouring in. We can’t wait to try out all of the suggestions from today. If you have a… View Article
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Simple Summer Desserts

It’s time to kick back, relax, and celebrate summer! With the Fourth of July behind us we still have the whole weekend to enjoy the warm weather. One of my favorite ways to upgrade a simple dinner into something a bit more special is serving a fun dessert. Treat yourself this weekend by trying one… View Article
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Spurtlemania Contest: Winners Revealed!

Hi Everyone, Thanks again for all of the fantastic spurtlemania entries! As our contestants have shown, there is so much you can do with your spurtle: stir, spread, mix, fold— it really is a total upgrade on all of your kitchen utensils. [picasa username=”madhungrylsq” albumname=”SpurtlemaniaContestWinners”] Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow night! LSQ will be… View Article

Mothers Day 2013

Like so many folks out there–on this day I have such love and gratitude for the fortune of an amazing mom. Here’s a Mother’s Day story about us. Best to all moms out there too. LSQ http://www.marthastewart.com/976020/come-fly-me
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Mussels and Oysters

Mussels are the national dish of Belgium and also ubiquitous in its neighboring country of Holland. Moules Frites is a dish of seasoned steamed mussels with a side of fries to dip in mayonnaise. And, don’t call them french fries either in this part of the world. Apparently they did not originate there at all…. View Article
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Recipes From Today’s Show: Simple Japanese Restaurant Menu

TODAY on MHTV: Why go out when you can stay in? My rendition of a few Japanese restaurant classics will make you happy you stayed put. Steamed edamame (protein-packed soy beans) sprinkled with sesame-sea salt are not only a super addictive app, they’re healthy too. Seared Arctic Char with a sesame-soy glaze is simple to prepare and… View Article